The Curve helps energy users find their best suppliers


The Curve helps those managing energy within large organisations to efficiently find the right suppliers, from energy strategy advisors to suppliers of PV arrays.

As organisations share their energy investments, they are able to anonymously recommend supplier companies they have worked with. By linking them with the star rating of the investment, a picture emerges of the suppliers who are most valued by energy users.

When a user recommends a supplier company, a free company profile page is automatically generated, which you can claim and populate.We will contact you when this happens. You’ll now start appearing in users search results as they explore others investments and search for supplier companies. By checking out your profile page they’ll be able to learn more about you, contact you, or contact your customers who have recommended you.

We encourage suppliers of energy products and services to share details of The Curve with their customers,
who will benefit from free access to the tool and will be able to recommend your work with them as they share their investments.


For recommended companies who want to further increase their visibility and exposure in The Curve, we offer:

We offer exclusivity from your direct competitors, who would not be invited to sponsor the Curve whilst you are involved.

Category sponsor level of branding on the following:
a) The Curve website
-Your logo prominently displayed on the main homepage
-Your logo prominently displayed in your category of the Curve, positioned as “brought to you by…”  (your logo will appear above the results generated every time a user runs an investment or supplier search in your ‘category’).
b). Enhanced company profile page 
- An enhanced company profile page (where your customer recommendations are tagged to), with your logo, company profile, contact details, and the ability to share video content and upload PDF documents.
c) Emails to our database
- A minimum of 2 monthly emails (a monthly newsletter to Curve users, and a monthly email to our database of 10k contacts), with your logo hyperlinked alongside our other sponsors.
Business Development
- Full user access to the Curve (guest passes for CurvePlus user accounts, with additional functionality like downloading data to csv, saved searches, etc.)
Thought leadership 
- Opportunity to write blogs to be published on the Curves blog page, which are then shared in our newsletter and through social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter).


Available on request.

Please contact Luke Clarkson, Business Development Director, The Crowd

e: luke@thecrowd.me | t: 020 7160 9853| m: 07703 578 926